Saving Borrowing History from the Old Catalog

Download your checkout history from the old catalog

  1. Login to your account on the old catalog at
  2. Click on the Items Checked Out tab.
  3. Click on the Check Out History link.
  4. Press the Download CSV button above the table.

In the new catalog

  1. Access a list you've created. For more information about how to create and access a list, see this page.
  2. Click Add Multiple Titles at the top of the page.
  3. Copy the titles from a CSV (spreadsheet) you've downloaded from the old catalog, or from any other source. You could also copy ISBNs if you have them available.
  4. Paste what you've copied into the large text box in the Add titles to list popup. Make sure that what you paste in has only one title or ISBN per line.
  5. Press the Add to List button.